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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (SCM) Online Training

Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations: Exams: MB-300, MB-310, MB-320, MB-330, MB-340, MB-500, MB-700, MB-920

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (SCM) Online Training:

AB-Consolidate is offering online live sessions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 training since 2016. Participants will enjoy real-time sessions during the course. Once the training gets completed, our participants will be capable enough to work in MNCs with knowledge equal to 2 to 3 years of experience. Apart from the training, participants can able to create documentation on the business requirement of the client. Our training will help participants to clear Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification. Only AB-Consolidate can help you to become Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM Expert within the lowest time possible.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 (SCM)?

Dynamics 365 is a tool that can greatly improve the efficiency of your operations. With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you can have a holistic view of your supply chain. This software utilizes artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights that can enhance the delivery of both products and services. It also helps with resource planning, ensuring that you make the most out of your available resources. By leveraging the power of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can help you increase productivity and streamline your workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (SCM) Online Training

Modules in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (SCM)

Course Content

Item Creation
Product Mapping
Costing Method


Vendor Creation
Purchase Agreement
Trade Agreement
Direct Purchase Orders
Purchase Order
Goods Receipt


Purchase Invoicing
Invoice Payment


Customer Creation
Sales Agreement
Sales Order
Packing Slip
Warehouse Delivery
Dropship Delivery




Transfer Orders
Stock Transfer
Inventory Management


All Modules Reports


Batch Jobs & Workflow
Numbering Series


New Company Creation


Trading Case: Typical Supply Chain Management


Play Video about Microsoft Dynamics F&O SCM Sample Live Class

Microsoft Dynamics F&O SCM | Live Class Sample.

22+ Years Experienced

Microsoft Product Expert

This course includes:

About Our Trainers:

Trainers Have Rich Experience of Around 22+ Years Across All the Different Modules of Finance and Operations.

Who are eligible for this course?

  • Any Graduate or Professional Who Is Interested in Learning New Application/Technology.
  • Any Developer from Different IT-Technologies.
  • Any Graduate Looking for Easy Job Opportunity.
  • Any Professional Who Wants to Switch Career.
  • People Who Know and Have Experience with Object-Oriented Programming Language (Example Java, C#) And SQL Can Pursue This Course.

Job Roles Available:

  • End – User
  • Functional Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Advance Supply Chain Planning Expert


Dynamics 365 SCM Is One of The Highest Paid Jobs in The Market. The Requirement for This Technology Has Drastically Increased in The Market Since 2018 And A Huge Number of Implementations Happened Across All Types of Businesses. This Has Created a Huge Opportunity in The JOB World.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (SCM) tutorial pdf:

Contact our customer service team for the Microsoft Dynamics SCM Tutorial PDF, also email us at info@abconsolidate.com


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management gives employees and organizations the power to see inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, service, and logistics all in one place. With the help of predictive analytics, it turns data into insights that assist in making smarter strategic choices.

Traditionally, supply chain management (SCM) aims to have a centralized approach in controlling or connecting the different stages of manufacturing, transporting and distributing a product. The objective behind this strategy is to enable companies to reduce unnecessary expenses and streamline the process, ultimately allowing for faster delivery of products to consumers.

Yes. We Provide Online Training for Any Technical IT Courses.

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