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DevOps (AWS) Online Training

DevOps certification list: Exams: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional, Microsoft Certified – Azure DevOps Engineer Expert:

DevOps Online Training:

AB-Consolidate Is Providing DevOps Online Training Since 2017 With A 100% Passing Rate. Our Training Program Is to Help IT Professionals to Understand IT Service Management and Be Experts in Their Respective Technologies. Our Training Model Helps Our Participants to Implement and Adopt Practices Best Way Possible in An Organization. AB-Consolidate Assures 100% Passing to The Participants.

What is DevOps Training?

In Layman’s Terms, DevOps Is the Fusion of Development (Dev) And Operations (Ops) Teams. DevOps Promotes a Culture of Shorter and Validated Iterations of Software Development and Operations Through Best Practices and Tools, Enabling Strong Collaboration Between the Dev & Ops. While One Confuses DevOps with A Tool/Technology, It Is Rather a Methodology/Approach That Covers Every Aspect of Software Development from Its Organization to Processes, Tools and Techniques.

DevOps Aims to Facilitate Work Throughout the Entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) By Integrating All Phases Of SDLC, I.E., Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate and Monitor.
A Set of Toolchains Is Required to Support the DevOps Agenda.

Devops AWS Online Training

DevOps Toolchain:

Course Content

Learn about the principles and benefits of DevOps.
Understand how DevOps transforms software development processes.
Discover essential DevOps tools and technologies.


Master Git, the most popular version control system.
Explore Git workflows and best practices.
Gain hands-on experience in managing code with Git.


Implement continuous integration with Jenkins.
Build efficient CI pipelines for automated testing and code quality assurance.
Ensure smooth integration of Jenkins with Git repositories.


Dive into containerization with Docker.
Learn to deploy applications seamlessly using Docker containers.
Explore container orchestration with Kubernetes for scalable deployments.


Automate infrastructure management with Ansible.
Write Ansible playbooks to configure and deploy applications.
Integrate Ansible into CI/CD pipelines for streamlined operations.


Harness the power of Terraform for infrastructure provisioning.
Manage cloud resources efficiently using Terraform scripts.
Explore multi-cloud environments and infrastructure automation.


Implement monitoring solutions with Prometheus and Grafana.
Set up effective alerting and logging for applications.
Centralize log management using the ELK stack for better insights.


Learn to deploy and manage applications on AWS and Azure.
Understand cloud platform services and best practices.
Harness the scalability and flexibility of cloud environments.


Secure CI/CD pipelines and containerized environments.
Implement best practices for DevSecOps and continuous security.
Ensure compliance and mitigate security risks effectively.


Explore microservices architecture and its integration with DevOps.
Embrace serverless computing for efficient resource utilization.
Implement advanced deployment strategies like blue-green and canary releases.


Foster a DevOps culture within your organization.
Enhance collaboration and communication across DevOps teams.
Align DevOps practices with agile methodologies for seamless integration.


Dive into real-world case studies of successful DevOps implementations.
Work on hands-on projects to apply DevOps principles in practice.
Present your projects and receive valuable feedback for continuous improvement.


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10+ Years Experienced

DevOps Product Expert

This course includes:

About Our Trainers

Trainer Has 10+ Years of Experience in DevOps. Trainer Has Implemented DevOps Strategies for Organizations as An Information Technology Infrastructure Library Expert Certification Consultant. The Trainers Are Experts in Handling Multiple and Multi-Dimensional Roles in Various ITSM Domains As a Change Manager, Application Design Reviewer, Release Lifecycle Manager, And Production Support Analyst Across the Domain of The International Banking and Shipping Industry.

Who are eligible for this course?

  • Any Developer from Different IT Technologies.
  • Any Graduate Looking for An Easy Job Opportunity.
  • Any Professional Who Wants to Switch Careers.
  • Any Graduate with Least or No IT Experience.

Job Roles Available:

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Reliability Engineer
  • Infrastructure Developer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Build and Release Engineer
  • Automation Specialist
  • CI/CD Platform Engineer


DevOps Has Now Become a Mainstream Method of Developing and Operating Software-Based and Software-Enabled Businesses Which Has Pushed the DevOps Engineers to The Top Five Highly Paid Tech Salaries List

DevOps ( AWS ) tutorial pdf:

Contact our customer service team for the DevOps Online Training tutorial PDF, also email us at info@abconsolidate.com


AB-Consolidate Is Providing DevOps Certified Training Only.

DevOps Foundation Certification Is an Entry-Level Exam, It Gives You Awareness of Key Concepts and Elements in DevOps, So Any Person, Who Wants to Make a Career as An DevOps Expert Can Learn DevOps.

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